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Good Neighbors International (GNI) is humanitarian development International Non-Governmental Organization in General Consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). GNI has made great strides in its mission by providing people around the world with better quality  of life since its establishment in 1991 in south Korea. In Nepal, GNI started its mission from 2002. Child Sponsorship is the primary strategy for holistic child development.

We believe that your child's education is the key to lifting them out of poverty in the long run.


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While poverty is always an overriding concern in development planning in Nepal, only since the sixth plan (1981-1985) has it been explicitly started as a development objective. To reduce poverty the more emphasis should be placed on improving the poor's access to resources, and in particular those resources most vital to escaping poverty. Another need to remove the institutional constrains that currently bar the poor from accessing those resources and thus render them powerless to help themselves is essential.

Small and farmers group level enterprises boost individual and community economy and play a key role to reduce poverty. Vocational training equips citizens with functioned skills that can reduce their dependence on public employment and charity. It is assumed great significance due to due to the worsening unemployment and pervasive poverty among the citizens. The fact that youth and adult may develop or build capacities that can facilitate self-employment is a sure way of alleviating poverty in Nepal.

GNI Nepal ensures to implement income generation and vocational trainings to empower the ultra poor and marginalized community to foster their knowledge, skills and technologies to reduce the underlying poverty, uphold human dignity, utilize local resources and indigenous knowledge and ultimately promote self reliant groups communities.   The Activities under this intervention are:
1.Atis Farming group formation and support: 22 farmers groups are formed and mobilized for Atis farming in Mugu and Humla. Technical, technological and material inputs are provided by the implementing partner.

2.Saving credit group formation: groups are formed (this is the group of parents of supported children. The major objective of this activity is to establish the culture of saving among poor households. )

3.Seasonal Vegetable Seed Distribution: 100 farmers received vegetable seed to enhance their household income through vegetable farming.

4.Vegetable and Kitchen gardening training: 100 farmers received trainings to enhance their skills and knowledge for quality vegetable production. Agriculture techniques are enhanced among the farmers.

5.Kurilo Seedling Support: 100 farmers received Kurilo seedlings to generate income at Lele VDC.
6.Atis Improvement support:  22 groups are supported to improve the Atis farming in Mugu and Humla CDPs. 
7.Fish Farming support: 12 groups are formed with 218 farmer members associated in the groups in Kailali district.
8.Pig farming : 35 families of Sonaha Community are supported and involved in group pig farming
9.Tomato Farming at Lele: 100 farmers are supported for Tomato Farming at Lele VDC. 
10.Goat Raising: 200 goats are provided to the poor farmers' families of Badikhel VDC.

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Advocacy is speaking up for, or acting on behalf of, yourself or another person. It makes clear the views and wishes. It also influences change in political and beaurocratic process on behalf of someone or some groups.

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