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Advocacy is speaking up for, or acting on behalf of, yourself or another person. It makes clear the views and wishes. It also influences change in political and beaurocratic process on behalf of someone or some groups. This is the process of using information strategically to change policies that affect the lives of disadvantaged people. This is the planned strategic process which development agencies, civil society groups and individuals can use to bring about change. This involves the targeted communities themselves in advocating for change as participants in the process. This raises the awareness and provides the opportunity for action. This not only deliver the designed services but is also identifies and addresses the systematic problems. This helps to influence people for acquiring knowledge and adaptation about the changing systems and structures.  The Activities under this intervention are:

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1. District level Drama conducted , Dramas performed in every schools by the students on sanitation issue .
2. School Enrollment Campaign conducted in all the project areas.
3. Health and Hygiene  campaign in every schools .
4. Campaign on Education for all in Mugu and Humla link schools.
5. Climate Change Campaign with tree plantation by students in community forestry and school compound, people participated in CCA campaign and planted the trees to minimize the carbon dioxide emission through greenery promotion.

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6. CRC Training to child clubs and child club networks conducted .
7. Website lunched and publication of Quarterly E-Newsletter, .
8. Hoarding Boards are installed with social message, personal development messages and issue based messages.
9. Children's Day Celebration in every link schools where all the students, teachers and parents participated.
10. Publication of Baseline reports: Every project level base line reports are published.
11. Manuals are published.
12. Project Colander Publish in January.

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These Vacancies are are published in 17 march for Partner NGO (Good Neighbors Nepal) and on 18th March for Good Neighbors International, Nepal

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