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Water & Sanitation

A good clean water supply and adequate sanitation system are considered to be the most important factors among good health in a community. Safe water to drink is one of the most basic human needs. Access to water and sanitation plays a critical role in the overall social and economic development of a community.

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According to UNICEF, about 13,000 children under five die annually in Nepal from diarrhea because of poor hygiene and sanitation.  Government report during International Year of Sanitation 2008 states that more than 14 million people, mainly in rural areas, do not have access to latrines  and over 30 percent do not have access to portable water according to DWIDP. Due to poor sanitation, unsafe drinking water and illiteracy, many people lost their life annually in rural area of country. The major diarrhea outbreak from April 30, 2009 to August 24, 2009 took lives of 464 people where 236 people lost life alone in Jajarkot district. Proper water and sanitation promotes good hygiene condition in the communities. GNI intends to facilitate the flowing activities under this intervention:

1. Installation of drinking water in Schools and Community: Drinking water schemes are implemented in all the project area. In terai districts hand pumps are installed where as in others small drinking water schemes are developed.
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2. Toilet Installation and coordination in school and community: Toilets are constructed and installed in schools and community. All the projects implement the toilet construction work in coordination with CDC and School Management committees.
3. Irrigation Canal Construction:  Small scale irrigation canals constructed as model. These irrigation cannels help critical communities to produce more crops and uphold family living conditions with improved hygiene condition.
4. Deep Boring: Deep boring installation in tarai projects. This decreases the dependency on rain water for plantation and assist farmers for winter crop irrigation.
5. Technical Assistance:  Technical assistance is provided for drinking water distribution system in coordination with Badikhel VDC, Lalitpur.

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About Us

Good Neighbors International (GNI) which was established in 1991 in South Korea is a humanitarian and development organization in the general consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNECOSCOS) is dedicated to provide better quality life around the world. GNI is committed to assist Nepal's Socio-economic and educational development from its first intervention 2002.

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