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Local communities and government have a special responsibility indeed a crucial role, in advancing sustainable development. From planning for the equitable delivery of public services to sustainable supplies of water, food, health facilities, education services, agricultural services/technologies, access to job and opportunities- local community really matters. Their individual impacts can make or break the area's aspirations for sustainability. This is more important during hard economic times when outside economic forces are all the more punitive to those that are not locally self-reliant. Sustainable development transpires the plans and interventions adhere to processes and policies that follow sustainability as a framework and value. This requires the culture of practice and capacity of integrating environment, economy and social equity.

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None of the interventions are proved sustainable without the ownership of local community where the initiations occur. Community ownership is not only the slogan of new development era but it is the primary necessity. Community participation in all stages of project cycle encourages local ownership and the intervention will be sustainable. When communities participate in planning, implementation and monitoring phases of the project, ownership began to rise up. Moreover, people love their investment. When community comes up with possible investment in any infrastructures and local development, they began to love the structures and development initiatives thinking that they have contributed and it belongs to them.

Network is a social structure made up of individuals or organizations, which are connected by one or more types of interdependency. Social capital refers to those stocks of social groups, norms and networks that people can draw upon to solve common problems. There is crucial role of those networks to achieve sustainable development goals such as public health, well being (poverty eradication), water & sanitation, education, environment and so on.  Their power of supporting development is outstanding. The more guided networking efforts can create more favorable environment for development intervention and save people's time and energy. The basic concept of networking is working together. Team building is the primary part of networking along with institutional approaches for working across groups and organizations for partnership in action.

Good Neighbors International (GNI) Nepal intend to meet the community partnership and network building for sustainable development, ensure community participation and ownership in actions and results carried out by the overall GNI Nepal's activities in local communities. The activities are targeted as flows:


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1. Mother groups formation and empowerment:  Mother Groups are formed and mobilized in all the CDPs to empower the women for holistic community development as women plays crucial role.
2. School Child Clubs Formation and empowerment
3. CDP level child club formation and empowerment: CDP level Child Clubs are formed in representing from individual school level child clubs.
4. District level child club formation and Empowerment: District level child clubs are formed if no previous child clubs are not formed, if formed, the networks strengthened. This is the overall process of development of in broader context.
5. Community Development Committee (CDC)formation and Mobilization:  In all the
6. Local Leaders Cultivation (Empowering Locals) for sustainable community development: local community leaders are empowered and leadership qualities are developed for sustainable community development effort. These community leaders play vital role in overall development of the local community. 
7. Education Interaction meetings: Education interaction meeting are held in different CDPs to ensure the quality educational inputs for better output in future. This includes teachers, students, child clubs members, parents and local social and community leaders.
8. Local Volunteers development and mobilization:  Local volunteers are developed with the spirit of global volunteerism and are mobilized to assist community for overcoming the underlying circumstance which has made them poor and marginalized.
9. Construction of Community Welfare Centers: Community welfare centers are on the process of construction to facilitate the overall community development process.

About Us
About Us
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Good Neighbors International (GNI) which was established in 1991 in South Korea is a humanitarian and development organization in the general consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNECOSCOS) is dedicated to provide better quality life around the world. GNI is committed to assist Nepal's Socio-economic and educational development from its first intervention 2002.

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