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Mugu Mugu is one of the five districts of Karnali zone in Nepal’s Mid-Western Development Region. It is bordered by DOLPA district in the east; BAJURA in the west; HUMLA and Tibet of China in the north; and JUMLA and Kalikot in the south. Mugu lies between elevations of 1,201 meters to 6,817 meters above sea level. Mugu district spreads across an area of 3,103 sq km and has a population of 55,605 of which 27,331 (49.2%) are female, according to district profile (unpublished).

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The population is distributed in 9,101 (89.7% are Hindu) while the balance mostly comprises of Buddhist. Chhetri (48.7%), Thakuri (16.8%) and Ethnic (9.2%) are the prevalent caste groups. 21 different languages are spoken in the district with the Nepali language being spoken by the majority of the population (90.2%).

3.1.1 MAJOR ACTIVITIES OF MCDP Mugu Community Development Project (MCDP) is launching for Education sector (Family Focused Education Development Program) and Income Generation sector (Atis Farm Program). The covering VDCs of the MCDP is altogether 5 (Rowa, Ruga, Jima, Kalai and Seri). 1500 people are direct beneficiaries of the program and indirectly 3500 people are getting benefitted.

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Through Family Focused Education Program (FFEP), 1000 children of Ruga, Rowa and Jima VDCs are getting direct benefits; the project is striving for enhancing the quality education. Furthermore, three VDCs 12 lower and primary school are getting direct benefits for school education through Teacher cum Social Mobilizer of the project. Likewise, Another Program is Atis Farm Program (AFP), 500 farmers/parents of Ruga, Rowa, Jima, Kali and Seri VDCs are getting direct benefits: Atis Seeds, orientation, training, agro-exposure tour, irrigation facilities and technical support to improve the living standard via creating income. To develop the ownership and sustainability of the activities and the program there are 10 Atis Farmers Group and to facilitate and providing supports to the Atis Farm Program, Atis Management Unit (AMU) has been working.

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Good Neighbors International (GNI) which was established in 1991 in South Korea is a humanitarian and development organization in the general consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNECOSCOS) is dedicated to provide better quality life around the world. GNI is committed to assist Nepal's Socio-economic and educational development from its first intervention 2002.

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