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Humla District is located in the Mid-Western Development Region of Nepal which is very underdeveloped in comparison of other four Development Regions. It falls under 64th position according to the HDI having 0.224. The people have very low level of income at this district. It is Himalayan district of Nepal. In the north of Humla there is high Himalaya, in the west there is Bajhang District and Tibet, In the East there is Mugu District and In the South there is Bajura and Mugu District. It is very rich for medicinal herbs. Many of herbal plants can be founded here. The district headquarter of it is Simikot.

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District Headquarter is being in 15000 feet from the surface of lowest pace of land. The average height of Humla is 4000 to 24066 ft. The average temperature is -30 to 25 degree. The medicinal herbs received in Humla are as follows: Atis, Panch Aunle/Hatejadi, Nibirsi, Kadamasi, Satuwa, Chiraito, Rugi, Chukaful, Jatamasi, Gandhailo, Katuki, Padachal, Bajadi, Panmati, Laliguras,Yarsha.

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Major Achievements
Humla Community Development Project (HCDP) in  Humla district established in 2010. This project office  is situated in district head quarter Simkot of Humla  district. In order to maximize the literacy rate and  reduce the dropout rate of children in school it has been launched school education support to children and income generation activities to parents. Recently, it has been focusing 1000 needy children form Darma, Mimi, Srimasta, and Melchham VDC and 500 farmers from different 5 VDCs along with Kharpunath.


Education as a right has been universally recognized since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Article 26 of declaration proclaims that "Everyone has the right to Education.

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