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Bardiya district is in Bheri Zone of Mid-western Development Region, Banke in the east, Salyan and Surkhet in the north, Karnali River with Kailali district in west and India’s the state of Uttar Pradesh in south. It has one Municipality, Gulariya, the district headquarter and 34 VDCs.The altitude of the district varies from 109 m to 1957 m from the sea level and the climate is tropical to subtropical. Total population is 3, 82,649. Economically active population is 1, 72,648 while literacy rate of 6 years and above is 45.41%.

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Major Achievements
Community Development Project with the focused ethnic group Sonaha was executed in 2010 by establishing its office at Shantibazar in Patabhar VDC of Bardiya district. Aim of enrolling students focusing Sonaha, Dalit and the children of Mukta Kamaiya (ex-bonded labors). The aim is the minimizing the dropout rate of the students along with maximization of literacy rate in the community. Providing the school education support and income generation program to 1000 children and 250 farmers respectively are though it had focused to 50 farmers while total staffs are 12. Daulatpur, Patabhar and Manau VDCs are the coverage of the project. 8 schools and 1000 students are the target group of the project.  Some of the major activities done and the achievement are given below:

Livelihood / Income Generation

While poverty is always an overriding concern in development planning in Nepal, only since the sixth plan (1981-1985) has it been explicitly started as a development objective.

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