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Atis Plantation, Mugu

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11 groups were formed for the Atis farming in Mugu concentrated in Bama and Phoipata village of Ruga, Shova and Balchoura of Rowa VDC, Bumcha  and Khyalcha of Jima VDC, Kalai and Khanaya of Kalai VDC and Sera of Seri VDC. 583 farmers are becoming beneficiaries. Farmers formed their groups by themselves and elected representatives for their groups with their direct participation. Communities are also joining in all the meeting of the farmers' groups. Each group constructed nursery greenhouse and germinated Atis seed themselves. Now the seedlings are grown and the growth record is satisfactory.

11 groups are trained in cultivation practices and the each member can solve the specific problem by themselves. The training on community mobilization, community development, group mobilization and gender issues made them realized the current concept of community development. They have the good contact with the technical personal of forest office and the district agriculture office as well.

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As the organization has provided Rs 35000 for their labor work on the preparation of Atis land and fencing the Atis land, they have deposited that amount in the bank in the name of their groups. This kind of initiation has led them to cultivate the saving habit. After the preparation of the land, they have planted about 12000 Atis seedlings in their prepared land, which is now growing in their field. As an Atis farm management strategy, they have divided the farmers group members for giving security to farm, caring farm, irrigating farm and calling meeting. For this, the group has chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary treasurer and members of seven persons to lead more than 50 general members. They seek the problem solving strategy in the group.


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