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Group Fishery by Ex-Kamaiyas

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There are 218 farmers from Ex-Kamaiyas directly involve in the fish farming which divided into 12 groups having one fish farming committee of 11 members. They have started the fishery farm with the use of 10 Katha land constructing two ponds adjacent to each other. The committee has been using this land-agreement with local Forestry Committee for decades. As initiated by the community for digging the ponds, the organization has supported for the initial inputs and management.

One deep boring is installed and being using for the irrigation. 40ft depth was the water level. The project has the mutual agreement with the farmers group. 12 farmers group has the ownership of this fishery farm in this group there are about 13mebers.

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For the management of the fish farm, the Fish Farm Management Committee meets monthly. Based on the decision of meeting, they divide the work load among the members. In this regard, some care about the security of the pond, sanitation of the pond, selling of the fish, feeding to fish, and irrigation management in the pond. Amount for purchasing food for the fish is bear by organization on weekly basis. In regards, they also keep the records of income and expenditure in their register.

Further organization is providing the technical inputs based on the need. For the security of the pond, the organization has provided a security guard. Now the grass carp and the common carp have been reared according to the consultation with fishery technician. 6660 fingerling were dropped in the pond, now they are 8 months old. And it is expected to collect about 600000 (six lakh) fund by selling these fish. Marketable size product will be available in about one month. This group will start a Group saving cooperative. It seems within one period of time this project will be independent, as realized success case in Kailali ex-bonded groups.

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