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The CDP Lele has started the cultivation of Kurilo (Asparagus) since 2008. 5 ropani land is utilized for the Asparagus farming as the land is taken in lease. In this farming, as the concept of intercropping, tomato, cabbages, chilies, cucumbers and cauliflowers are planted. After production of the asparagus and other vegetable, they are sold in the nearest market. This farm is managed by the CDP Lele. The positive aspect of this farm is the demonstration effect to the village people.

Along with the demonstration effect, the asparagus seedlings, tomato seeds, and other vegetable seeds were distributed to 100 farmers in the village. Along with giving seeds and seedling, they are provided the training on Asparagus Plantation, green house making for seasonal and unseasonal vegetable production, organic manure development and tomato production. In this regards, 100 farmers are divided into 10 groups. In a single groups, there are chairperson and secretary, and treasure.

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They have their group meeting every month. To scaffold their leadership skill, the organization has provided the group mobilization training, community development training and community mobilization training along with taking them in the agro-exposure tour. Along with seeds and seedlings, they are provided the technical inputs and necessary tools for the plantation and cultivation. Many of the household have cultivated asparagus as they know the nutritional value of the crop. Along with the concept of intercrops, 21 farmers started the commercial tomato farming.


Advocacy is speaking up for, or acting on behalf of, yourself or another person. It makes clear the views and wishes. It also influences change in political and beaurocratic process on behalf of someone or some groups.

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