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Ex-Kamaiyas' Children Enrolled in School Education

Ex-Kamaiya children were diverted to the school education activities due to the support of the project. Even though they were released from Kamaiya system, they were bound to send their children to others house as domestic worker as their cultivable land was insufficient to feed for the family. Because of the support of this organization, 4000 children are now studying in different public schools under the support among them 70% of Ex-Kamaiyas children are studying at public schools with motivation.

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As the motivation for the study, they are provided with all the necessary materials for their study, school fees, textbooks, stationeries, uniforms along with providing the tuition with a teacher with regular home visiting. As an additional input, they are provided the checkup for the children and their family members with necessary medicine based on the prescription of the physician with imparting the knowledge of health education, community health and sanitation and provided the soaps, tooth brush, nets, and towels for each family. These activities motivated the Ex-Kamaiyas children to be regular at school along with getting quality education at school. Now, the local schools hard to manage capacity of school!

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These Vacancies are are published in 17 march for Partner NGO (Good Neighbors Nepal) and on 18th March for Good Neighbors International, Nepal

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