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School Materials Motivated Karnali Children toward

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As Karnali region has become backward due to the remoteness of the physical set up as well as cultural diversities. Lack of resource and the utilization knowledge is also another part of difficulty. Many of the children used to go to adjacent city area and even to Indian border town for the labor work. After the intervention of the project in the Karnali region especially at Mugu and Humla regarding the focused VDCs of Mugu: Ruga, Rowa, Gima, Kalai and Seri; and Humla: Darma, Mimi, Shreemasta, Melchham and Kharpunath at 11 primary and lower secondary schools of Mugu and 11 primary and lower secondary schools of Humla in the respective VDCs, availability of school bags, shoes, uniforms, qualified teachers supply has attracted the children to go to school and study. As an additional input, the children are engaged in different kinds of extracurricular activities: singing, dancing, drama, contest and sports. Along with this aspect, the children are motivated to work the in the community to raise the voice to be admitted schools through child clubs as formed by the organization.

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Besides these, the teachers as sent by the organization worked in the community schools and they inspire the parents for sending their children at school by home visiting and counseling because of this effect 1000 children from Mugu and 1000 children from Humla from 22 schools are motivated to go to schools and getting education along with imparting the quality education. This practice has motivated the children for joining schools and developed the study habits along with maintaining the personal hygiene as an immediate impact of the project activities. Not only this but some of children except going for shepherd and working the household work, baby rearing, they are back to school for their study. Even they are able to convince their parents about the importance of the education.

Livelihood / Income Generation

While poverty is always an overriding concern in development planning in Nepal, only since the sixth plan (1981-1985) has it been explicitly started as a development objective.

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