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Sudam Returned Back at School

(case study of Sudam)
A boy lost his willing to go school despite having strong desire of study, now he is enjoying on his child rights by leaving his workstation and joining school. Sudam Nagarkoti is the child about 14 years old. He is the sponsored child of Good Neighbors Nepal, under Lele Community Development Project (LCDP). He is now permanently living in Shikharpa, Lele at Nagarkoti community. In his community, most of the people are from ethnic group (Tamang) and Nagarkoti community. Most of the people of this community work as the daily laborer in local stone grinding factory. Sudam went to urban area in search of opportunity to earn the few amount of money. The innocent child went to Gawarko, Lalitpur in search of job by leaving and neglecting the study. It has been found that the main reason towards leaving study is due to inappropriate environment of home.

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In order to solve the problem various strategies has been implemented. LCDP staff went for home visit and counseled the family members and the child himself. Meanwhile, the child said “I have the great desire to be a good man as the good model of community.” Furthermore, he added “I will go to school if my father provides me the appropriate environment.” The problem of Sudam has been raised in the parents meeting organized at Shikarpa dated 30th August, 2010. Most of the Neighboring parents said that we suggested to his father (usually drunk) to create the better environment for his child. Dhanku Nagarkoti, one of the neighbors said “psychology of Sudam has been disturbed due to his father's behavior”

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Now, the child goes to school regularly. He is now studying at Saraswoti Higher Secondary School in class four. He is now regularly attending the school. Now, his father behaves him in well manner though he drinks alcohol on regular basis. Sudam said “My father does not disturb in my study now.”  He further says “besides study, I do some commercial work that is handicraft in the leisure time” All the community parents and stakeholders are surprised by observing the changes in Sudam.

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