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Shepherd Children became a school students


Personal Information:

Child code : NPL-0108-C00242
Name  : Gauri Baduwal
Class   : Six
Age      : 11

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Date of Birth:  2055-10-07 B.S.

School’s Name: Shree Masta Purposed Lower Secondary School
Father’s Name: Bali Bahadur Badhuwal
Mother’s Name: Jaumati Badhuwal
Sisters’ name:
1.  Hansa Devi Bohora(married)
2.  Jandevi Badhuwal
3.  Parbatkala Badhuwal
4.  Basanti Badhuwal

Brothers’ name:
1.  Lok Bahadur Badhuwal
2.  Tilak Badhuwal

Economic Conduction:
Land:  Three Hall (One hall means a pair of ox can plough in six hour)
Livestock:  Ox: 1, Cow: 2, Seeps: 25, Goats: 4

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About Us
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